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EZprice比價找便宜 - 在購物拍賣商城幫你比價撿便宜


Want to compare offers for the best option? Where should I start among all the offers? Which shopping online shopping platform is the cheapest? PChome 24H? Yahoo? or Momoshop? You don't need to let this decision bother you any longer. EZprice is the answer - it searches for the cheapest option for your, and is tailored around your personal needs.
EZprice Shopping offers overall price comparison from the entire e-commerce website in Taiwan.
● Best search toolKnows your need for price comparison, provides the most precise search tool and personal information on price comparison.
● Details to enhance the experienceSame prices will not appear twice, takes you to the cheapest option most time-efficiently.
● Cloud mobile notepadThe notepad is your cloud tool for you to access on your mobile, tablet and PC, for you to collect all the information on price comparison wherever you go.
// Main Features//
Search: enter the product of your wish, whether precise search or a broad category, EZprice will find you the cheapest offer of the products.
Homepage: fully personally customised, gives you an overview on the price change and lowest price of the day, on the products of your interests.
Prices comparison notepad: for the products that you might want to get back to later on, use the cloud storage tool. Sign up as a member and you can log on through your smart devices.
Customised online shopping platform: Yahoo, PChome 24H, Momoshop, GOHAPPY, PayEasy, Udn, RAKUTEN, ETMALL、U-mall、RT-MART、Save & Safe… etc, each can be customised around your preferences.
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